8 Tips For A Great Morning Workout With Morning Booster

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Ready for a great morning workout?

The next Morning Booster event is coming up very very soon that is why today we decided to give you our best 8 steps for a great morning workout to help you start your day with lots of energy and focus.

8 Tips For A Great Morning Workout With Morning Booster

Have A Good Night Sleep

Morning Booster starts off very early, to be exact; the event kicks off at 5.30 in the morning.

We know that’s early, (especially if you have to commute to the event), that is why it’s important to work it into your schedule to be able to fit in a few more hours of sleep by heading to bed earlier the night before.

Considering the event starts at 5.30am, you should aim to be up at 4.30am thus ideally you’ll be in bed by 9.30pm the night before.

Set Your Alarm Clock

Do not forget to set your alarm clock. You can either set one, or set multiple ones every 5 minutes or so – whatever works best for you as long as you hear your alarm and be up from bed by 4.30am.

Yes, it’s hard but trust me; it’s totally worth it

Get Your Exercise Clothes Ready

A quick tip that you should keep in mind is to prepare your workout clothes / bag the night before, this will eliminate any further stresses of finding the necessary things at the last minute.

Simply pick out your clothes the night before and you’ll find them ready for you in the morning “ready to go”.

Don’t Allow Yourself To Procrastinate

We know – it’s very tempting to look at that alarm going off, feel the cold winter chill and feel the temptation to sleep through it (without doing your workout).

This is not ideal obviously.

We want you there and we want you to experience the many benefits of having a solid morning workout with us so make sure you do not procrastinate in getting up and ready!

Watch Your Pre-Workout Food

Although food will be provided at the Morning Booster event, you should watch what you eat before you start your morning workout.

You can see this guide of recommended food to enjoy pre-workout that will give you all the necessary health benefits and energy to power through Morning Booster.

Find A Workout Partner

Morning Booster is a social event more than anything so yes, we do encourage you to find a workout partner(s) and bring them with you the event.

There is strength in numbers and you can support each other during the whole workout.It’s also been proven that having a workout buddy increases the chances of making your morning workout ritual consistent.

It’s also been proven that having a “workout buddy” increases the chances of making your morning workout ritual consistent.

Get somebody to motivate you (and you them) and see how easy it is to keep up a healthy lifestyle wth proper diets and a daily morning workout.

Work Out For Your Goals

Do you have any fitness goals? Make sure you keep this in mind and make it a point to show up and “throw down” with your morning workouts.

Your goals won’t come easy but if you really want them, then you have to put in the work to get them.

As we say at ANCHOVY., the digital agency that powers Morning Booster;

To Get Ahead You Have To Hustle”.

Rinse & Repeat

The Morning Booster event happens every once in awhile but for the full benefits of a great morning workout, you have to do this every day, or at least multiple times a week.

We hope this post has helped show you the steps required for a great morning workout.

If you’d like to know more about Morning Booster and what we do, read some more of our posts on the website and also see the video below from our previous Morning Booster event.

If you’re interested in finding more about the people behind Morning Booster, you can see the official ANCHOVY. website here.

We wish you well – see you soon at Morning Booster


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