The 4 Emotional Benefits of Yoga

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Today’s fast paced lifestyle adopted by the westerners, makes us look outwards towards material world instead of being in touch with our senses and our inner self.

The Upanishads call the state in which one is in touch with his inner Self as being in touch with the heart. Yoga takes the person from being ‘out there’ back to being in contact with his heart.

One form of yoga is ashtanga yoga which is the most dynamic form of yoga and includes multiple techniques including postures, breathing, concentration, and meditation.

The 4 Emotional Benefits Of Yoga

emotional benefits of yoga

The 4 emotional benefits of yoga include (but are not limited to):

  • physical
  • mental,
  • intellectual and
  • emotional well-being.

The physical benefits of yoga include the following;

Protects and strengthens your spine:

Spinal disks, which act as shock absorbers help protect the spinal column form and compressed the nerve.

Positions such as forward bends, backbends, and twists help spinal disks to remain flexible and supple.

Improves your posture:

Poor posture is the cause of back, neck and joint problems, which causes other degenerative symptoms such as arthritis of the spine.

When the head is balanced directly on an erect spine, it takes less effort for back muscles to support it and therefore causes less strain and fatigue to build up. Yoga postures help in having (and keeping) an erect spine.

Increases your flexibility:

Improved flexibility improves tight hips, tight hamstrings, and flex muscles which if not addressed will develop into knee ache, flattening of the spine causing back ache and a general poor posture.

Yoga positions that increases flexibility includes (amongst others):

  • Bound Angle Pose which stretches the hip area,
  • Downward facing dog – which stretches the hamstrings, calves, arches and hands
  • Extended triangle pose – which stretches the ankles, groins and back.

The Mental, Emotional & Intellectual Side Of Yoga:

Yoga makes you feel more intensively and remove old conditioning of past hurts which come up as emotions.

If one identifies with these emotions, they may become unbearable and will cause negative situations if we follow the urge and charge created by emotions.

Every time we act out of emotions, we are acting out of past hurt and we are not in the present moment but in the past.

Whenever we are in the present moment, acting out from our heart center, we can feel more and we start doing things out of love rather than out of past pain and emotions.

In yoga, the mind is seen as a computer which analysis sensory data coming from the eyes, ears, mouth and touch and recognizes that from the past to the future.

In actual fact, the future is unknown and can be changed in every instance. However, the fact that we project the past onto the future, we create more of the same in the future.

Therefore, to implement change and to create a different future than the experiences we had in the past, we require to be in the present moment and to create by acting and feeling in the here and now, through our heart center and not from having a mind more dominant than the heart.

Yoga is a science which sees the mind as having the potential to grow, however, is limited, whereas the Self, the part of the individual is constant, eternal and perfect in the here and now.

When an individual is in touch with the latter part of himself, he feels at peace from within and feels that every moment is life is perfect, challenges and problems are seen as part of the whole rather than a struggle.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice which helps burn calories, tone muscles, increase flexibility, clear the mind through meditation and deep breathing and connects one with the heart center.

There are 100 different forms of yoga, each with its own specialization range of mental, emotional, intelligence or physical benefits.

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