What Is The “Morning Booster” Morning Workout All About?

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Over the past months, ANCHOVY. has been organizing a revolutionary new way to “start your day” by creating the now infamous “Morning Booster” events across Malta.

If you have seen any of the official videos from the past events, you’ll be forgiven to think that the Morning Booster is your typical Friday night out with live DJs, pumping’ music and people “wilding out”, but actually; you’d be wrong.

It’s a (sober) morning party where you can partake in various different events, all starting at 5.30am designed to help you start your day with a “boost

What Is The “Morning Booster” Morning Workout All About?

Why ANCHOVY. Created “Morning Booster”?

In true ANCHOVY. fashion, with “Morning Booster” we wanted to create a new concept and a new way to “wake yourself up” in the morning while in the company of like-minded people

We wanted to show that partying and “having fun” in a social event does not necessarily mean it has to be done at night, and it also means that you can party in a “healthy way”.

ANCHOVY. along with Morning Booster and its supporting partners want to change how morning workouts are done by turning the “old boring routine” into an early morning “pumping social event” for all people.

Also, the past events were free of charge which means that anybody could join the fun before they start their day.

What Can You Expect From The Morning Booster?

The next “Morning Booster” event will be like the previous ones, only with three exceptions; it’s gonna be bigger, better and crazier.

If you plan on attending, expect to see:

  • A lot of high energetic people.
  • A lot of dancing.
  • An emphasis on the imprint of health and fitness.
  • Healthy snacks for your post workout meal.
  • Feeling pumped, charged and ready to take on the day.
  • Lot more energy throughout the day.
  • A great crowd as always.
  • Live pumping music.
  • Your mind and body feeling revitalized and stress-free.

When Is The Next Morning Booster Event?

The up and coming to Morning Booster event will be held early 2017, but we have not finalized the day yet. We are currently working on organizing it and we will notify you once we announce the date.

Get Notified About Our Next MB Event

If you want to be notified when we do the next Morning Booster, please LIKE our dedicated Facebook page for more information along with pictures and videos past events.

For more about ANCHOVY., the digital marketing agency that powers Morning Booster, please visit the official website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next Morning Booster. 


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